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Call us today at 410-657-2468
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Todd (TC) Carter

Todd (TC) Carter

Regional Sales


TC is a field estimator with a diverse background that he brings to Perfect Painters and More. He has been involved in leading teams and growing businesses over 20+ years. Customer service is in his DNA. From working with his Dad’s Lance cracker route in the summer as a teenager, to leading and growing the sales and operations of a Delmarva vending company. TC has a gift of communication with everyone he is in contact with.

Several years ago after the passing of his hero and dad, he saw the value of life insurance and transitioned to become a licensed life insurance broker. He now leads a team of agents across the USA and is on a mission to help protect people so their families can financially move forward. This parlays perfectly with the team at Perfect Painters and More. “It’s all about helping people”.

TC’s mission statement is this…

“Faith, family, and helping others create a legacy sums up my life”.

I look forward to helping transform your most sacred place after a long day, your home. My commitment is to provide a world class experience to your front door.

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