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Call us today at 410-657-2468
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Mike Herzog

Title: Owner
Hometown: Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania


Mike started Perfect Painters & More in 2011.  He first started his own business as a freshmen in college.  It is very important for Mike to be a trustworthy person.  He holds everyone in the company to that standard.  He believes the most valuable thing that a person and a business has is their word.  Our customers value this integrity and honesty and over the years have pushed us to offer more services beyond painting.  So, we listened and now we not only do painting, but we do flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, decks, windows, and roofs. It’s our pleasure to serve you.

Mike is a math whiz.  He does the majority of math calculations in his head.  He remembers every customer.  He can give details about projects that were completed in previous years.  He has a passion for doing things efficiently and with excellence.

Mike married his highschool sweetheart, Amy and they have four children (3 beautiful girls Hannah, Haley & Kiley and Mike’s little man Ethan)

He loves sports.  He can talk baseball, football or basketball with you all day.  

He believes the best thing about owning a business is the opportunity to invest in people and help them become more successful in their own lives.