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Call us today at 410-657-2468
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Andrew Boram Jr.

Andrew Boram Jr

Production Team Lead


Andrew leads the Production Team here at Perfect Painters & More. Since joining the company he has strived to be a catalyst for growth and increased efficiency. His number one priority is customer satisfaction, driven by absolute honesty and a will to go the extra mile. With a background in Public Service and team management, he brings a variety of skill sets to the table. 
Outside of work he has a variety of interests, his primary being his daughter Aubrey. If not with her, you can find him serving at his local church or working on a car. He has a passion for repairing or restoring anything with a motor. His heart is in overseas missions work, spreading the gospel and serving Christ.
He believes in this company because we are a family oriented, Christian based company that puts people first.

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